Friday, October 05, 2007

A Tribute for Tim Hura Hura

Since I came back to Jakarta, me and Ayu oftenly spent our spare time together with a small group. The group was established because no other reason besides our frequent meeting during weekends. Besides us, the group consists of Dina, Pungky, Om Mul, Tan Eva and Timothy. Actually it’s a family based group because Dina is my sister and Om Mul is my uncle. While Pungky is Dina’s boyfriend and Tan Eva and Timo is Om Mul’s wife and child.

The group’s main task is to have fun together and I think that “fun” means have lunch and dinner together. Places that we usually visit to hang out together, such as Stone Cafe and Bandung Supermall (BSM) at Bandung or Plaza Senayan (PS), mal puri Indah, Plaza Indonesia, and many more, at Jakarta. But our favourite place to have dinner is Roti Baker Edi (RBE) at south Jakarta, not only because the cheap price, but also the convenient location together. Yesterday we had dinner at a Japanese Resto and end the day by having Ice Cream at the Cream and Fudge Company, both at Senayan City. Sometimes we ask other people to join us, such as Mom, Dad, Finkan, Dewi, or other close relatives.

As an individual and as a couple with Ayu, I am very happy to have these people in our life to spend our time together. Now, after more than 9 months, various places that has been visited has enrich our stories and experiences.

All I can say is that Thank you guys…

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