Monday, October 08, 2007

Tik Tok Tik Tok (THR has something to do with Urban Planning?)

I wrote this short article last week, unfortunately the web could not work so I ve just uploaded today

Presently I am at the office (1.30 pm at October 2nd 2007)...........

Time goes by so slow (or fast) while I am thinking about Lebaran, which is less than 2 weeks ahead.

Anyway, now I want to discuss about Special Occasion Allowance/SOA (Tunjangan Huru Hara/THR).

What is it? Who deserves it?

Well, for people living outside Indonesia, perhaps you wont know how this allowance meant for most people in Indonesia. This allowance come out only once a year, after the holy month. Altough it is a moeslem holy month, the SOA is for all Indonesian employer and labour. There is no minimum or maximum amount for this SOA, but usually its as much as a one month salary, not bad right?

So, why bother to pay extra expense?

First, because SOA is a must (read here) and also to mention because its an Indonesian culture, rather than a moeslem’s. After the holy month, the Government gives one week holiday for all office, both government agencies and private companies. Indonesian people, especially Jakarta citizens make use these holiday time to return to their home/native county.

So now you know what does the SOA fund are used for, dont you? Yes, the SOA is used for the return home travel. Eventually, could you imagine how native Jakarta feel? For almost 2 weeks the Jak’s will live happy with no congestion, less air pollution, less people in the city all day with the SOA.

Any correlation with Urban Planning?

As far as I observed, there are some relation because :

  1. These routine yearly Urban-Rural commuting event will not happen if rural area could provide jobs. Ofcourse rural planning including traditional and modern industrialization plays a role here.
  2. Every year, Department of Transportation (DoT) manages peaked and loaded carriers. Not only overloaded vehicles, but also related issues such as road safety, train tickets, congestion, migration of people entering/leaving a city/county ect.

Know I am wonder, how much does this lebaran event costs? Imagine the factories that are abandon because of the labor’s holiday.. Consider less doctors available in the hospitals..Think about the suspension of public service documents...Visualize your self trap hours in a congestion...

Lebaran holiday, what a two week in a year!!!

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