Thursday, September 13, 2007

Statistic Figure = does it tells anything beyond numbers?

Just after I posted my previous writing, I make a time to view the blog visitor counter. Since my blog is not so famous, there were only arround 77 viewers (perhaps this also includes my self when I use another computer hehe..)

Well I open the statistic counter machine page and I found some interesting facts about my visitors. The followings are what I found :
  • That there were a gradual increasing number of visitor during weekend (saturday-sunday) but then it decline again during weekdays. should this mean that my visitors are just browsing arround?
  • There has never been any returning vsisitor since last week, does this mean that my blog is not attractive enough? or is it because my visitors are people that doesn't know me while my blog is dominant about my life so it doesn't magnetize them to visit again?
  • Almost every day a new viewer come to my blog
  • Although there has been at least 77 viewers, less than 4 people has contribute in my shout out, so who are and where are my visitors?
  • Moreover, I also found that the number of returning and first time viewer shares the same number, 50 %. Hmm what does this mean?
With this facts, I will try to write more various topics to attract more visitors and at the same time still wondering about what does those statistic figures could tell more

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