Tuesday, September 18, 2007

8 Months after achieving Masters degree

Today, exactly 8 months I came back to Indonesia, following my success to achieve a master degree in Geographic Information Technology. After 8 months back to Indonesia and to my previous office, there are still no changes, both on job desk and salary.

About job desk, I think it was my own decision to be located at a Bureau (which I cant mention), which the tasks doesn’t have anything related with my bachelor and master degree. A motivation to learn on how organization works including project program and budget listing, and how to evaluate project brought me to the bureau. About the salary, well, I should know that there will be no significance increase in my salary due to Government officer salary policy. But I thought by holding a master degree, which should increase my skill and ability, would increase my salary. Unfortunately those dreams didn’t happen. The bureau’s management was too complicated to put a new member and by no job to do, there was no additional income for me. In addition, facilities and conditions to work were far from supporting such as old PCs, slow internet connection, ineffective meetings and slow work progress. This condition has made me totally desperate about my career, is possible to gain any skill improvement in this kind of condition?

This was like an upside down version of my dream. During my master degree program, I dreamt to work in a management sector so was motivated to enter a MBA program, but my parents ask me to return home by promising better job in Indonesia awaits me. So I came back to my office and I choose to enter the Bureau (because it managed the projects within the office where I work, so perhaps it will be near to what MBA do).

Now after 8 months, I feel that I need a MBA degree to fulfill my curiosity on how management and business should work. Moreover, I also need a MBA to open the doors of multinational companies (MNC) to hire me. Since I came back to Indonesia, I have sent my CV and application to various MNC to apply to work. But luck was still far away, MNC’s such as Citibank, BP, Shell, HSBC, Conoco Philips, KPMG, and PWC, only accepts applicants from related education background. However, they all are welcome for business and management applicants, especially MBA’s. Moreover, I also attend 2-3 job fairs/career expo, just to find a better place to work, even to non MNC companies and I also get the same answer: applicants should have a related education background. Then I ask to my self, how hard the job will be for an employer without any related background, since at work, you always have to learn new things and of course will be completely different with what you got from college. I still can’t figure out the answer, even until now. With these experiences, I’ve just realize that MBA is a powerful tool to open the MNC’s door (because all company needs a business administrator) and of course, to achieve my individual ambition.

God has give me another way, because thanks God; currently I am a Doctoral scholarship recipient of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia. Although my Doctoral research project doesn’t related closely with management, Economic Geography studies MNC management issues in company expanding and outsourcing. By having a depth understanding on this topic, I expect the MNC doors will be open for me. So I will no longer enter the MNC as a junior employer, but as an advisor or even an associate, which will be great step on my career, compared with the current condition.

There are so many hopes and expectation that I put on my further study in PhD level, so I hope everything goes well and hope God always bless me and my hopes. Amin


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