Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20th 2007

Today is august 20th 2007, a bright and quite hot morning. I started the day by driving dad's car and accompanying him to a meeting on building coding to anticipate hazards, eg earthquake, fire etc. It was a great meeting with two foreigner (Geoff-who is a geospatial expert and Amr-a structure engineering professor).

But the main thing for today was that I finished giving invitation card for colllegues in BPPT. I count that there are more than 30 invitation that I have gave, just for them. By finishing the task means that the d-day are getting close and I am getting more nervous than I ever been.

Insya Allah in 5 days I will start a new life with Ayu, who in the last 6 years has fill my life with her love, laugh, stories, cries, and arguments. I am more than thankfull to Allah SWT that has give me a great person like her.

Moreover, I also want to mention that I am very blessed because my family also accept her with love and carrying.
Currently I feel so nervous and oftenly I woke up in midnight (usually between 2 am- 4 am). I always try to use this opportunity to do my midnight pray, to ask for His bless for our wedding.

With all pray and hope for Allah SWT bless. Bismilahirrahmanirrahim

Adiwan FA
20 August 2007

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