Thursday, June 28, 2007

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I wrote this short article during my second semester in The University of Melbourne, when I was struggling with those unbelievable scripting and programming language. That night I went back home arround 11-12 pm and walked in the university park alone. Then I remembered how ITB used to be -between year 2000-2004- at ospek nights, with all those shouts, yells, haunted freshman faces and frightening seniors (especially "swastah")

After I came back to my flat, I wrote a small tribute for my department at ITB, Urban and Regional Planning including a brief experiences during my years in the department. The article was written on Sept 19th 2006 and the department has reached their 47th anniversary.

I didnt do anything in particular today except playing footy, sleeping and currently doing my beloved assignment. Almost every now I do a bit of computer programming language, cant say that I like it, but its definitely much more interesting than politic and public policy.

I learnt those subjects in Urban and Regional Planning in my undergraduate studies. The nature of the course and the nature of my class (class of 2000) that made me learn to read much, speak much, and think critically. Is it a good thing? Hmmmm yes because my class I think is the best class with many of them graduate with honours and now some of them are the scholarships recipient.

Ooops thats another story...Now go back to my course, I dont feel comfort with those subjects so I "runaway" to a technical and physical part of my undergraduate studies, the information system with focus on the geography part. I found that planners (if I may say that I am also one of them), could also contribute to the development in this geographic information area besides the polictical, public policy, and social development.

However, every time I pass and entre the Urban Planning department building, I will also feel at "Home" no matter in which University it is. The books, the debate, the concepts and the "planning theory" will reminds me about my root and where my friends are....

Happy 47th birthday Urban and Regional Planning and A special tribute to HMP

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