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Policy Strategy and Policy Tool in Innovation System

Policy Strategy and Policy Tool in Innovation System

Policy Strategy

Policy strategy mainly is a guideline about policies as government’s role in intervening development grand strategy. In Indonesia technology development grand strategy, there are six themes that local government need to develop, the six themes are:

1. Provide a good development condition for technology innovation

2. Strengthen technology companies and research institute

3. Develop cooperation for innovation and increase technology innovation diffusion from research and development

4. Encourage innovation culture

5. Develop national and local innovation system and cluster industry

6. Harmony with global development

Although the policy strategy is flexible and untied, local innovation system basically is a part of national innovation system so openness between local and national policy is very important. This will impact the development of technology innovation nationally and eventually leads the national ability to absorb and adopt new technologies.

Policy Tool

Policy strategy is very important but it could not ensure that each policy will impact positively to the development. It needed policy tool as a reference for action plan. Based on Indonesia law, the government should build and provide regulations as a policy tool. In the technology development regulations, the government should support funding, human resources, research and development, and technology holdings.

There are six main policy actions which are regulation, deregulations, incentives/rewards, infrastructure provisions, information/guidance, and influence. In order to optimize the technology development, stakeholders should improve implementation of the regulations to increase education, research and development, especially in local areas.

Some factors that should be considered in building a policy tools are:

· Interaction between stakeholders

· Policy tools should be able to be implemented broadly and widely by stakeholders

· There should be coordination and integration among stakeholders to develop innovation system.

Several criteria to develop technology regulations are:

1. Effectiveness

2. Efficiency

3. Significant Leveraging Effects

4. Adequacy of scope

5. Conforming to the market mechanisms

6. Consistency

Translated from Chapter 8: Kerangka dan Instrumen Kebijakan in the book Panduan Penyusunan Strategi Inovasi Daerah, 2006, Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology, Jakarta, Indonesia

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