Thursday, April 27, 2006

Location Base Service Technology to Find ATM

Nowadays almost every person in the city has an ATM. People can take their money from the ATM at any time so they do not have to bring a lot of money every time they go out. Every person that has an ATM card would need this kind of service. There are people that do not like to bring lot money or forget to bring so they would need this service to find the nearest ATM. This service also important in a un predicted situation such as one ATM does not work and need to find another, or need more money for shopping, or for health emergency that needed money as soon as possible.
This unpredicted situation also linked with the police service if it is about security or the hospital if it is about health. The common question is “Where is the nearest ATM from my location?”, “I need money quickly, which ATM is less crowded?”, “Someone stole my wallet, how to contact the police?”

This service required some simple spatial analysis such as locations, buffering and elevation. The location analysis is used to give information where the ATM and the accurate location are (is it inside or outside a building). This service is essential because some people prefer to use inside building ATM for security reason. In addition, this service also provides the location of the closest police station and nearest hospital.
Another spatial analysis is buffering where users can ask for ATM which is located not more than 500 meters, for example. Meanwhile the elevation analysis is important to locate an easy ATM to reach. People prefer to walk flat or downward rather than walking upward. The combination between the buffering and the elevation service is very helpful for walking users. Another analysis is statistic analysis. This analysis gives information about the number of ATM users in a particular time. It would help users to decide which ATM to go so they do not have to queue especially in peak hours.

Required data sets are the location of ATM of a particular bank, the ATM location information (is it inside outdoor or inside a building), location of ATM which is corporate with the users bank (cirrus) and statistic record of the number of people in each hour. It is also need a map of the city central including elevation, shopping centre locations, and accurate distance (measurement in meter), and the amount of available notes that can be withdrawal ($10, $20, $50 or $100).

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